Elevate Your Local Business Visibility!

At StrEats Promo, we specialize in helping local businesses gain the exposure they deserve, whether through our high-impact Direct Mail Service or our dynamic boots-on-the-ground Street Teams. Our goal is to connect your business with the community in the most effective and engaging ways possible. Join us and discover how StrEats Promo can make a real difference for your business.

Boost Your Business with the StrEATS Promo Street Team! 🚀

At StrEATS Promo, we believe in the power of personal touch and local engagement. Our Street Team is here to ensure your business gets the attention it deserves in the most dynamic and engaging way possible. Explore our unique services and see how we can help your business shine!

Just a few Companies our Team has Worked with...

Handout Heroes: Flyer Flyers

The Flyer Flyers are a group of 3 or more energetic promoters wearing your business’s branded t-shirts or hoodies. They distribute 2,500 + flyers near your business or event location. Known as the Door Hanger Crew, they also visit neighborhoods and communities, with permission, to maximize reach.

The Promo Pioneers

The Promo Pioneers is a high-visibility team that sets up outside your business, dressed in branded attire and equipped with feather flags and posters showcasing your business’s specials and benefits. This team ensures your brand is seen and remembered by everyone passing by.

The Event Energizers

The Event Energizers are a versatile and dynamic team that attends events, festivals, and concerts in your branded attire, flags, signs and more. They distribute 5,000 or more flyers and merchandise, making a lasting impression. This team can also travel for custom orders, bringing your brand to a wider audience.

The Promo Pros

The Promo Pros are our expert display models and spokespersons who represent your brand at a stationary location. They engage with consumers, provide samples, sign up new customers, and collect valuable information. This team is perfect for building strong customer relationships and educating the public about your brand.

Join Our Top 50 Local Businesses on Stunning Direct Mail Flyers!

We're more effective, more affordable, and lower risk than anyone else!

Smarter and, more cost-effective solution

with a guaranteed ROI , reducing the risk of your investment

being discarded?

StrEATS Promo Direct Mail Service — an innovative direct mail solution tailored for showcasing the best local businesses right in the neighborhoods where it matters most. Picture this: Reaching 15,000+ residents monthly within your business's zip code, but without the hefty price tag.

Here's What Sets Us Apart:

Increased Visibility

Stand out in the local community with our eye-catching, professionally designed flyers.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Share the flyer with other top businesses and save on costs while maintaining high-quality promotion. Only $300/month with a 3-month commitment upfront.

Direct Reach

Unlike billboards or magazine ads, our flyers go straight into mailboxes, ensuring your message is seen and engaged with by local residents.

More Services We Offer

Transform your business with our AI-driven web development service at StrEATS Promo. Our team builds stunning, functional websites designed to capture leads and maintain customer engagement effortlessly. Each site is fully structured by our experts, and we provide a free Zoom training consultation to ensure you maximize its potential. Powered by Go High Level, our websites offer robust features including CRM integration, marketing automation, sales funnel building, appointment scheduling, and comprehensive analytics.


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